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Why choose Hospital Mexico?

Accessible prices

At Hospital México it is important to ensure that all people have access to the medical services they need, regardless of their economic situation. In addition, having affordable prices can also help reduce the financial burden for people who are already sick or have had an unexpected medical emergency.

Personalized attention

Having personalized attention can improve the quality of medical care and increase patient satisfaction. In addition, it can help ensure that each person receives the appropriate treatment and that they feel heard and valued.

Excellent treatment

Our goal is to provide high quality service or care to people. This includes being courteous, respectful and professional at all times, and doing everything possible to ensure people feel comfortable and satisfied.

Excellent results

To achieve excellent medical results, highly trained and experienced medical professionals, as well as high-quality medical technology and equipment, are essential. In addition, it is important that patients follow their doctors' instructions and adhere to their treatments appropriately to maximize their chances of excellent medical results.


Get to know our department


We are a group of professionals dedicated to dental health for patients who want to save up to a 70% in dental services.

Located on the third floor of theHospital Mexico.


Great variety of types of surgeries in the hands of experts from Hospital México.
We have different types of studies in the laboratory of Hospital México.
Excellent Radiologists who will assist you with excellent service.
We have fully professional and trained medical personnel for your queries. 
Excellent pharmaceutical assortment for your prescription.
Adequate facilities for the due care of patients during their stay at Hospital México.


More than

Years of experience

Hospital Mexico provides a wide variety of health care services, such as:

1. Emergency care: to care for patients with serious or urgent medical conditions.

2. Medical consultations: to evaluate and treat minor or chronic health problems.

3. Surgery: to perform invasive or surgical medical procedures.

4. X-rays: To make pictures of the inside of the body to diagnose medical problems.

5. Laboratory tests: to examine samples of tissues, blood, urine, and other bodily fluids to detect medical problems.

6. Rehabilitation; to help patients recover from injury or illness and improve their strength and mobility.

7. Hospice care: to provide relief from pain and other symptoms to patients with serious or terminal illnesses.

8. Nutrition Services: To help patients maintain a proper diet and control their weight.

9. Psychology Services: To provide emotional support and help patients manage stress and anxiety related to the illness.

10. Nursing Services: to provide medical and nursing care to patients during their hospital stay.


Contact us to find out if your plan has coverage at Hospital México.